10 Creative Ways to Add Home Textile Products to Your Spaces

10 Creative Ways to Add Home Textile Products to Your Spaces

Nordic Style Colorful Print Mat

Nordic Style Colorful Print Mat

Home textile products are not only functional, but they can also be an extremely attractive way to add visual appeal to your interiors. 

From accent pieces and slipcovers to window treatments and rugs, there are lots of ways to use home textile products in your home. 

In this article, we’ll explore some creative ways to add home textile products to your spaces.

  1. Wall Hangings

Hanging a tapestry or painting on your wall is an excellent way to add visual interest and make a space feel complete. 

Tapestries and paintings are relatively easy ways to quickly improve your interior design, but there are plenty of other home textile products that can also be used as part of a room’s décor. These include area rugs, pillows, lampshades, window treatments, and more. 

Just like with your walls, adding home textile products like blankets, throws, and pillows onto furniture can instantly enhance your bedroom design for a fantastic look that’s sure to impress any guests.

  1. Bedding Sets

The first thing that most people purchase when it comes to home textile products is a bedding set. These are often considered an investment, so you want to make sure that you select a set that matches your style and décor, but will also last for years. 

When shopping for bedding sets, look for materials like silk and cotton – these are high-quality fabrics that will hold up over time. 

You can also find patterned sheets in a variety of colors; if your bedroom décor is neutral, start with solid colored sheets and buy accent pillows or blankets in bolder colors. The goal is not just to impress visitors on a short-term basis but to also incorporate classic style into your home decor.

  1. Towels

Another easy way to utilize textiles in your home is with towels. Towels are relatively inexpensive products that offer a great return on investment, as well as an easy way for you or your clients to add an extra layer of comfort, warmth, and classiness. 

From bathroom towels, kitchen towels, table linens (and more), consider how towels can be a great addition to your current project or something you include in every project moving forward. 

By using high-quality materials such as Egyptian cotton or Turkish cotton—you’ll make sure that every room is equipped with a high-end look without overspending. 

  1. Curtains

Whether they’re roman shades, cafe curtains, or pinch pleat drapes, curtains are a simple and classy way to add texture and color to your window. 

For an elegant look that works for any space, select a patterned fabric like a damask design in neutral colors. If you’re looking for a more casual vibe, try sheer white curtains with a decorative rod. 

Many people choose drapery hardware when hanging beautiful new custom-made curtains. To keep draperies looking pristine make sure you pick out fabrics that are stain-resistant, wrinkle-free and easy to care so all you have to do is quickly launder them between seasons or when they get dirty from kids or pets.

  1. Shower Curtains

While shower curtains are used for very practical reasons, they can be quite decorative and add a pop of color and pattern to your bathroom. 

If you have a large walk-in shower area, especially if it is attached to your bathtub, you might like a longer-length curtain; many modern-style shower curtains are long enough to reach almost all of the way down to the tub. 

You can buy colorful fabric that coordinates with your other décor items in your bathroom or you can keep things simple with solid colors that don’t clash or get lost in an already cluttered space.

  1. Blankets, Rugs, and Throws

Blankets and throws can really spruce up any space. If you have a family room, living room, or bedroom that feels a little lackluster, consider buying a blanket, throw, or area rug to add some color. 

You don’t need much – even a small piece can dramatically alter your decor. The key is texture and color: Different blankets (such as crochet throws) come in all kinds of styles. 

We recommend splurging on quality pieces; they’ll last longer and are more likely to match your existing décor. Investing in high-quality rugs can also be worthwhile – there are plenty of high-end materials (like wool) that will keep your home warm while adding an element of style.

  1. Pillows

There are many different styles of pillows, ranging from square to round, standard-sized or king-sized. They can be found in a variety of fabrics and colors, including microfiber and velvet. 

When selecting a pillow, it’s best to purchase one that is supportive but also soft enough for relaxation. The best way to test out whether or not a pillow is right for you is simply by lying down on it in your sleep space at home. 

Most good bedding stores will allow you a few minutes on their pillows so you can get an idea of which will provide you with optimal comfort and support while also feeling nice against your skin.

  1. Slipcovers

Slipcovers are a popular product for decorating rooms and homes. Many people turn to slipcovers because they are cost-effective, easy-to-install, and versatile. 

You can buy ready-made covers that fit perfectly onto your furniture or you can order custom-made slips in any fabric or style you prefer. 

Slipcovers offer an instant makeover for your room and are easily removed whenever you want to change things up again. 

  1. Bed Linen

When you’re looking for a cozy, inviting bed, there’s nothing like choosing beautiful bed linens. Bed linens aren’t just for beds, either. 

You can use them as stylish throw pillows or luxurious accent pieces in any room of your home. However you choose to display them, these amazing home textile products will bring life and energy into any space.

  1. Vases and Candle Holders

Candleholders and vases can add a certain homey touch to any space, and are also a perfect way to add some personality. 

Looking for an elegant way to adorn your office or dining room table? Use them in place of floral arrangements or create customized centerpieces. 

Candleholders in particular are great because they can adapt easily from season-to-season, holiday-to-holiday, or even day-to-day. They are totally versatile!


While some interior spaces can seem sparse or unimaginative, textiles have an incredible ability to add character and depth. 

From decorative pillows that dress up a couch or chair, rugs that soften hardwood floors, and area carpets that keep high-traffic areas warm and comfortable, textiles are one of your best tools for designing a beautiful home. 

Whether you choose traditional styles like braided rugs and elegant placemats or innovative approaches like 3D wall art stickers and window film designs, textiles help you express your creativity in a way few other products can match.

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